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In province tourist route

How to GET PERMIT to Tibet?

To get a permit you should submit the following documents and mention the following information to us. ...Details

How to GET THERE??

Arrival in Lhasa from Chengdu ,Departure from Lhasa to Chengdu ...Details

How to Deal with Hight Altitude Sickness?

Acute Mountain Sickness(AMS) is common at high altitudes, and depends on the elevation, the rate of ascent and individual susceptibility. Most visitors to Tibet will suffer from at least some symptoms that will generally disappear through acclimatization in several hours to several days. ...Details


Medicines: try to bring the following medicines which will be very useful during your travel. Cold and flu tablets, throat lozenges and nasal decongestant. ...Details

Weather in Tibet

Northern Tibet: With the average altitude of 4,500m, this area offers very limited time for tourists. Summer (July to August) is the prime time to enjoy the great plain in northern Tibet. ...Details



Try to bring the following medicines which will be very useful during your travel

  • Aspirin-for pain or fever
  • Antibiotics-consider including these if you are traveling well off the beaten track.
  • Cold and flu tablets, throat lozenges and nasal decongestant
  • Multivitamins-consider for long trips, when dietary vitamin intake may be inadequate
  • Scissors, tweezers and thermometer


The temperature during daytime is around 10-25°C in Lhasa, but the night temperature may reach 0°C and when visit the lake or mountain, down-jacket is needed. Try to dress in black or other heavy color clothes since the road out of Lhasa may be very dusty and dirty. The following are some we are suggested to bring for your tour in Tibet:

  • Jacket: a fiber-pile jacket is ideal for evening.
  • Sweater: Wool or wool mix with a high neck for extra warmth.
  • Headwear: wool or fible-pile ski-stly cap or balaclava for warmth.A lightweight brimmed hat is good for sun protection .Inexpensive broad brimmed straw and elt hats are sold in Tibeet's city markets.
  • Scarf: wool or silk is best .
  • Mittens or gloves: wool, pile, or polypylene are best.
  • Bandanna or handkerchief: Bring several.
  • Cotton underwear: four or five pairs.
  • Socks: at least three pairs.
  • Shirts: A long-sleeve shirt made of wool, flannel, or chamois, or a track-suit top. A long-sleeve stay-pree cotton shirt for warmer temperatures.Bring two or three T-shirts as well.
  • Pants: For men, one pair of loose-fitting wool pants, wool knickers, or fiber-pile pants, and one pair of light-weight cotton pants. Women should wear a midcalf dress or skirt, though pants and knee-lenth knickers with socks are also acceptable.Shorts are not appropriate at any time in Tibet for men or women.
  • Jornal, reading book, writing materials: For quiet moments.
  • Camera: You will regret not bring one.
  • Binoculars: Good for observing birds, wildlife, and distant scenery.
  • Money pouch or belt: Safer than a wallet for keeping your passport, meney, and valauable papers.
  • Pictures from home: Personal photographs of your children, pet, city, house, and so on are a great way to communicate with ocal people.
  • Snack foods: Nuts, chocolate bars, granola bars, dried fruit, hard candiesbeef jerky, and flavored drink mixs are much-appreciaed trail treats.
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