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Tibet traveling classics:

The holy city Lhasa essence one day travel

How to GET PERMIT to Tibet?

To get a permit you should submit the following documents and mention the following information to us. ...Details

How to GET THERE??

Arrival in Lhasa from Chengdu ,Departure from Lhasa to Chengdu ...Details

How to Deal with Hight Altitude Sickness?

Acute Mountain Sickness(AMS) is common at high altitudes, and depends on the elevation, the rate of ascent and individual susceptibility. Most visitors to Tibet will suffer from at least some symptoms that will generally disappear through acclimatization in several hours to several days. ...Details


Medicines: try to bring the following medicines which will be very useful during your travel. Cold and flu tablets, throat lozenges and nasal decongestant. ...Details

Weather in Tibet

Northern Tibet: With the average altitude of 4,500m, this area offers very limited time for tourists. Summer (July to August) is the prime time to enjoy the great plain in northern Tibet. ...Details

Line name:

Tibet traveling classics: The holy city Lhasa essence one day travel

Line type:

Inside province tourist route Tive of making group: Every day Price: ¥860.00 Traveling schedule: 1 day

Traveling schedule arrangement:

In the morning visitr:
Potala Palace (approximately 1 hour), the altitude of Potala Palace is more than 3700 meters,built on the hill side. “Patala” is translated from the word Potaraka, meaning the Palace where Bodhisattva lives. (One can take photoes for panorama of the palace). Take a rest after for 1-2 hous after lunch so that the tourists can adapt the altitude of Lhasa.
In the afternoon visit:
Jokhang Monastery, meaning scripture hall in Tibetan languange. It has 1350 years history. It is the oldest monastery in Lhasa. until now it is still the centre monastery in the whole Tibetan-inhabited area. In the temple worshiped the lifesize gilded Buddha statue when he was 12 year-old and the statues of Songtsen Gapo, Princess Wencheng and Princess Trizung. Barkhor Street is an eptome of humanities landscape in Lhasa even in the whole Tibetan inhabited area. It gathers the pilgrims from all around. And also the stalls and historicalites hidden among the building around Barkhor street which are recounting Lhasa’s history.
The tourists walk along the street freely and purchase small commodities leaving the tour guide and the driver waiting in the parking lot.

Quoted price:
The individual traveler puts making group: 560 Yuan/person, for independent group, the price needs to be negotiated.
June, July, August and September are the high season. Joining our travel agency can asure the tickets for Potala Palace, return train tickets and air tickets, in case your journey is delayed.
The train station is 5 kolometers away from the downtown. And the airport is 70 kilometers away from the downtown.


(1) The itinerary inludes the entrance tickets of all the scenic spots.
(2) When registrate, please provide the correct ID number. Please bright the ID card with you when you go out so that you buy the Potala tickets easily.
The expense contained:

  • Reception standard:
  • vehicle: The tourist car
  • meals: eight dishes and one soup.
  • Guide: the exellent tour guide service
The expense does not contain: Hotels, breakfast and supper, individual consumption
Other explantions:
  • Payment method--Account inquiry

  • ① Deposit card remittance – It is the quickest and most effective way for remittance. We have opened accouts in four banks in Tibet to collect money.
  • According to our bank accout information, you need only to choose a most suitable savings bank and deposit your guarantee money, the you have finished the payment of depost. Please infom us with the telephone number: 0086-891-6811680,6997290)
  • (Please keep the remittance receipt well for checking)
  • Bank nameName of the bankbook’s holderAccount number
    China Construction Bank Yu Dongxiang 4367 4240 5863 0075 559
    Bank of China Yu Dongxiang 4563 5179 0000 1935204

    ② TT transfer, this is the way in which you remit your money through a local bank. This way is slow. We don’t suggest individuals to use this method.
    • Opening bank: Bank of China, Tibet Branch
    • Name of the receiver: China Youth Travel Agency, Tibet
    • Related prompt
    Our Service Time:
    24 hous severce, 365 days of a year. You can inform us by email after you made the remittance, attaching the scan coppy of your remittance bill and the order number. Or fax to this number: 0086-891-6349539 so that we can deal with the order as soon as possible after we received the remittance. Or inoform us by telepho for checking of your order. All the remittace charges are undertaken by our company.
    Stipulation of invoices:
    1. What we provide for you are printed invoices or written invoices. Both can be used for reimbursement.
    2. If you reserve the hotel yourself, then your invoice will be provided by the hotel.
    3. We can book train tickets, air tickets and tickets for entertainment. But invoices are not provided.
    4. If you need the invoce, please provide exact “payment unit” in written way. If because of the wrong name of the payment unit, and the invoice is blanked out, we can not provide the invoice service.