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How to Contact Us!

China Youth International Travel Agency, Tibet.

Tourism Consultation and Service Centre of Tibet Autonomous Region

24 hours Tel:
0086-891-6346876    0086-13618984088
Fax: 0086-891- 6349539
Contact person: yummy Chee
Mobile: 0086-13618984088
Address: Tourism Bureau of Tibet Autonomous Region (No.1, Norblinka Road, Lhasa)
Post Code: 850000
Licence No.: L-XZ-GJ0008

How to GET PERMIT to Tibet?

To get a permit you should submit the following documents and mention the following information to us. ...Details

How to GET THERE??

Arrival in Lhasa from Chengdu ,Departure from Lhasa to Chengdu ...Details

How to Deal with Hight Altitude Sickness?

Acute Mountain Sickness(AMS) is common at high altitudes, and depends on the elevation, the rate of ascent and individual susceptibility. Most visitors to Tibet will suffer from at least some symptoms that will generally disappear through acclimatization in several hours to several days. ...Details


Medicines: try to bring the following medicines which will be very useful during your travel. Cold and flu tablets, throat lozenges and nasal decongestant. ...Details

Weather in Tibet

Northern Tibet: With the average altitude of 4,500m, this area offers very limited time for tourists. Summer (July to August) is the prime time to enjoy the great plain in northern Tibet. ...Details